Clearing and Transport of Toyota Vehicles

    In 2012, Logistics Three Sixty Five Limited started working with Seafast Logistics in the UK in the Clearing and Transportation of Toyota Vehicles meant for Aid Organisations based in Juba, South Sudan. In spite of the initial teething problems and the challenges being faced in South Sudan over the last five years, L365 and Seafast have collaborated very closely to provide a Secure Transport Solution with real-time visibility being provided to the Client. The Juba corridor is one of the most challenging routes on the continent and it’s a testament to the teams on the ground that we’ve jointly delivered a seamless Logistics Solution to the Client.

    The success in South Sudan led to the Client entrusting L365 to handle the Clearance and Transportation of their Vehicles into Uganda and the Congo. Furthermore, Seafast has now started handling the Clearance and Transportation of Toyota Vehicles into Ethiopia via the Port of Djibouti, cutting the transit time in half from what the previous forwarder was achieving.

    Clearing and Transport of Export Containers

    L365 Clears and Transports between 250-300 containers of coffee from Kampala to the Port of Mombasa every month. We provide a Secure Supply Chain solution for these coffee containers and our Road Patrols constantly monitor the route form Kampala to Mombasa with 24 hour patrolling.

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